Myra Ellen Cornejo

Myra Ellen Cornejo

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Trainer Introduction (Bio)

“Meet Myra, a level 3 Personal Trainer with an extensive background in Fitness, that acquired knowledge throughout different Fitness firms”.

I am a skilled and experienced Personal Trainer that previously worked in various fitness firms. I am able to impact your physical journey by being focus on your satisfaction.

In which facilities do I train?

Residential Gym – Apartments – JLT Parks

I can train both Male and Female.

My special services?

I have a Food technology degree which can be useful for your diet program inquiries.

What can I bring to clients?

I can help you to set realistic goals and build diet plans for you. I am here to keep you in perfect form, physically or mentally, with visible results.

What is my added value?

I am an easy going coach, with good relationship with my customers. I always listen to them, make the follow-up, and pride myself on always being honest. I am sharp on time and never late, and I fully engage my skills for the benefits or your fitness session.

What are my past achievements?

Thanks to my Food degree, I have created and initiated a special diet plan that coincide with fitness regime and brings results quickly. I have implemented in my classes new workout routine focused on muscle mass.


Resistance training – HIIT – Flexibility


Level 3 Personal Trainer at Career Sports Fitness Academy.


Long term fitness development – Optimum performance training – General fitness – Fat-loss – Weight management.


TRX – Resistance bands.

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⚡️ Single Sessions Cost: 300.0د.إ

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