Mark Vincent Sto Tomas

Mark Vincent Sto Tomas

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Trainer Introduction (Bio)

“Meet Mark, a Level 3 REPS Certified Personal Trainer. He is adaptable and can be your fitness, lifestyle, nutrition, health, goal-oriented, and your friendly and fun coach!”

I was raised in a sports and fitness-minded family. Being a fitness enthusiast my life helped me hone my skills and discover new and effective ways to achieve fitness results for both myself and my selected clients. I was into bodybuilding on my early stages and progressed to calisthenics, plyometrics, general fitness, and health. I can help you achieve your goals in an achievable time frame let it be from sports-conditioning to weight/fat loss.

In which facilities do I train?

I do bring clients to MEFIT PRO gym, I train them on their homes/villas, I do also meet them in a public park as I have the equipment required for meeting the client’s goals.

 I also train both male and female.

My special services

I can directly come to you with equipment at your doorstep.  I could recommend a physical therapist if you will need it as per our initial assessments.

What can I bring to clients?

I can bring fun but intense and goal-oriented programmed training desired for your needs and goals.  I can bring the passion out of you!

What is my added value?

Coming from a sport-minded and an active family, fitness, and lifestyle has been in my blood since childhood.  I had served different types of injuries.  I had reached different goals from bodybuilding to calisthenics.  I am willing to share my 25-year active lifestyle in correlation to my fitness level to anybody who cannot start and also for experienced athletes.

What are my past achievements?

I achieved personal goals such as bodybuilding, mass gaining, weight/fat loss.  I achieved self-fulfillment. Level 2 and 3 Certification definitely added to my expertise.


Weightlifting, agility and speed training, athletic training, calisthenics, outdoors, or gym training.


Level 2/3 certified personal trainer – Nutrition PN level 1 in progress.


Bodyweight training, agility games for speed and endurance training, weight/fat loss program, weight gain/muscle gain program.


Dip bar stations – different dumbbell weights – different kettlebell weights – ladders – cones – foam roller – plyo box – abductor/adductor equipment – resistance bands(different levels) – SWISS ball – mats – wheel roll out – jumping rope – battle rope.


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