Eden Sollestre
Eden Sollestre

Eden Sollestre

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Trainer Introduction (Bio)

“Meet Eden, a Personal Trainer with a strong passion for fitness”.

I have good observation skills, a strong organizational knowledge, I’m a fast learner and self-motivated, enjoying working with people, a self-starter and patient, energetic and committed.

Where do I train?

I train Indoor and Outdoor.

I can train both male and female.

What can I bring to clients?

I often use a written questionnaire when intaking new clients. That way, besides the conversation and my own notes, I have a record of the client’s physical history and goals in their own words. Usually, the questionnaire includes questions regarding the client’s goals, previous injuries and current workout habits. During the conversation, I explain what my role as their personal trainer will be and how specifically we can work together to achieve their goals.

What is my added value?

 I’m passionate about educating people, but finding a balance in the education and training that is provided to them so they can develop their own habits and routines once their goals are met. I am result oriented and adaptable with a passion for designing training and nutrition plans to maximize workout efficiency, improve fitness, boost stamina, and increase overall well-being.

What are my past achievements?

Fitness literally saved my life. 4 years ago, I was in the worst fitness level of my life. Overweight stressed, and unhappy – then I decided to make a drastic change and started working on my health and wellbeing.

It was after 2 years of hard work, sacrifices, discipline, self-motivation, focus, and consistency that I got the results I wanted. I went from being overweight to achieving my best fitness level ever. I became an inspiration to my family, workmates, and friends who reached out to me to help them get in shape too. That is when I decided to push further in this journey. I enrolled in a fitness course to gain more knowledge and help people professionally.

So, I am interested in this post because it will be a very big opportunity for growth as a person and for the company as well. I love learning and helping people and this job will just give me that kind of platform I am seeking.


I am in to the Fat-Loss training. Well that depends on how much you are looking to lose and how fast. In the fat loss is approached with simple movements performed at high intensity and coupled with resistance training at the same time. As we burn calories and shed the fat, we want to have muscle built underneath and ready to shine as the excess melts away. Muscle retention is key in fat loss, as muscle will continuously burn calories long after the workout and much longer than any steady state cardio will provide (Plus steady state cardio can be rather boring).


Fat-loss – Weight-loss -Strenght training – Muscles gain.


Resistant bands- Dumbbells – Kettle bells – Ankle weight – Hurdle bar – Cones – Battle rope – Abs roller – TRX.


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