Yavar Khan

Yavar Khan

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Trainer Introduction (Bio)

I’m a certified personal trainer based in Dubai with over 5 years of experience. I specialize in Fat loss, strength training, Body recomposition.

I focus on getting the results from set individualized goals and I believe in lifestyle change my programs include Personalized Workout & meal plans 

I Follow 3 Pillars when it comes to getting results 

1. The first pillar we’re going to focus on is the Strategy. When I say strategy, I’m really talking about training and nutrition. What is the type of training you’re going to be doing that is going to not only bring your results, but be efficient, respectful of your time, and actually fun for you.

2. Mindset is my second pillar. It’s REALLY important for us to communicate on a regular basis about how you’re actually feeling about your training and nutrition – your strategy.

3.  My last pillar is Accountability Now this is fairly self-explanatory, but Accountability is so important because as humans, when we know we’re not going it alone, and that another person is with us and has our best interest in mind, we dedicate at a higher level. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and making sure you feel supported and &  I feel I have all of the information I need to assess whether you’re making progress according to our plans.

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