Reena Ann

Reena Ann

The first step is in your hands, leave the rest in mine!

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About Me (Bio)

Reena is a passionate personal trainer from the USA, dedicated to helping people succeed in reaching their goals! Now based in Sharjah and Ajman, her mission is to lead those who wish to achieve a transformation or even change their lives.

Growing up Reena was active in all sorts of sports such as the women’s league for football, a competitive level of kickboxing and much more, she always felt connected to staying active and healthy.

Coming from a family of all sorts of medical and nutritional conditions such as obesity and diabetes, Reena at her younger age felt hopeless, unable to help her family or fully understand the needs to help them make a change, so she took it upon herself to spend quality time in nutritional research and start from the bottom.

It wasn’t until her two sons were born when she took up PT and completely transformed her life for the better, leading the way for her family and 2 boys to a healthier and active future!

How I can help:

Reena specializes in customizing individual fitness programs and also provides a very specific nutritional plan that if followed, guarantees life changing results.

Reena focuses on the following areas of fitness:

Cardiovascular Fitness

Interval Training

Bodyweight Training

Weight Training

Circuit Training

Strength Training

Prenatal/Postnatal Training

Turning Exercise and healthy eating into a lifestyle, not an obligation. Reena has the following training styles:




Low intensity Cardio


Balance & Flexibility

The first step is in your hands, leave the rest in mine!

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