Outstanding Fitness Coach - Highly Recommended!

Outstanding Fitness Coach – Highly Recommended!

Kamal is an extremely dedicated and experienced fitness coach. I’ve been training with him since 2019 and by body has transformed. He knew and understood the results that I was looking for, and built a training program specifically to meet my goals. What’s unique about his strategy is that he gives you a complete body workout, but keeps changing the exercise with every workout session. l’ve done all kinds of functional training methods, TRX, Spartan, weight lifting and even stretches with Kamal, so you feel like your body gets a full workout.

On top of all of that, he is a genuinely nice and polite person to talk to with a kind, caring personality. You won’t feel intimated in a workout, but he’ll make sure to give you that extra motivation to get youa accross that finish line. Always a pleasure working out with him. Keep it up!


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