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You might be trying to please your partner, but a weak core and poor cardio health leave you gasping for air. It does not only happen with you; several couples struggle to find ways to improve their sex life. Some couples opt for medications, while others look for sex workouts. Do sex workouts work? We are familiar with the health benefits of exercise, such as healthy weight, cardio, and improved circulation. But do all these benefits can impact sex life? Numerous questions arise when it comes to exercise and better sexual performance. Well, fret not! None of your questions will remain unanswered at the end of the article.

Here is how workouts can help you to please your partner:

  • It gets your heart pumping
  • Improve circulation
  • Help your body be more limber and flexible
  • Improve your stamina
  • Build strength
  • Regulate a better sleep
  • Relieve stress

But one of the crucial reasons to ramp up your fitness game is better sex! If you are wondering about sex workouts to boost your performance, some exercises can help you.

Get ready to sweat to sizzle your bedroom time!

How does Regular Workout Affect Your Sex Life?

Regular exercises offer a range of sex-enhancing mental and physical benefits. Some scientific evidence suggests that regular workouts can improve the quality of sex and are beneficial for male sexual dysfunction.

Sexual satisfaction is tied with body image, especially for women. Body image defines a women’s sexual health. If you have a positive body image, you would have high sexual desires than those with a negative body shape.

Moreover, feelings of perceived attractiveness link with sexual satisfaction. You can work on your body image to improve your sex life. The workout will make you more desirable regardless of changes in your appearance.

Choose an exercise, that is empowering & rewarding, not punishing!

Stress has become a primary mental health issue. People suffer from extreme stress that leads them to chronic anxiety. Stress and anxiety impact your sex life negatively. The burden of workload and several other factors contributes to stress.

One of the best remedies to tackle this condition is exercise. Whether regular exercises or sex workouts, it boosts the production of endorphin. Endorphin is a brain chemical that makes you feel happier. Moreover, it is a natural pain reliever.

Be happier to benefit your sex drive!

You might be familiar with sexual dysfunction such as orgasm dissatisfaction, arousal difficulty, and erectile dysfunction. Despite medications, you can reduce the risk of these diseases by exercising. For example, cardiovascular exercise may provide some preventive benefits.

If you are at the risk of sexual dysfunction, exercise more vigorously regardless of your activity level.

What’s more! Regular sex workouts make you feel better about yourself, which translates to the bedroom.

A study from the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality found that those who exercise are more likely to have a positive perception of themselves and feel that they are more sexually desirable.

Workouts can help preserve sexual health throughout the aging process, which is especially beneficial for men. The National Institute of Aging – NIA has identified that sexual issues cause several issues like joint pain. Exercises can help a person combat the discomfort caused by arthritis.

Some other causative factors that can contribute to sexual problems are:

  • Heart diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Depression

You can reduce the risk of these health conditions with exercise.

People who exercise vigorously have a strong core, pelvic floor, and leg muscles. All these are beneficial for quality sex. The stronger these muscles especially your pelvic floor the more intense your orgasm can be.

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Exercises to Increase your Stamina & Sensations


Whether active or not, you might wonder about adding some moves to your routine to get sexy benefits. If you are active, adding one or two of the following moves will help you increase your stamina & sensation.

Would you like to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes? The best move to reinforce your pelvic floor with a bridge is to practice bridge exercise. It will help you thrust harder and longer.
Another best exercise that you might have tried is push-ups. Generally, it focuses on upper body strength. During sex, it will help you support your weight and try advanced options to ease your partner.
Stouter legs mean more fun in the bedroom. You can focus on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes with help of squats. It will also focus on your pelvic floor.
If you are wondering to promote stability, try lunge exercise. It is a good thing if you like to get creative between the sheets.
Frog Jump
Plyometric exercises like frog jumps require your muscles to exert maximum effort in a very short period. They will build explosiveness, power, and strength, all of which will benefit your sex life.
The best exercise to build strength and stability is a plank. It helps you support your body weight. You will work on your balance which helps you handle all the unstable positions during sex.

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Sex Workouts – Final Words

If improved health is not enough motivation for you to get to the gym, better sex can also be a motivator. Several ways can help you improve your performance during intercourse. If you are wondering to attain a satisfying sex life, incorporate a few sex workouts into your routine.

But remember that exercise alone may not do the trick if you are experiencing any dysfunction. Communicate openly with your healthcare provider to get individualized advice.

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