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Stair Workout Routine: The Best 20-Minutes Incline Workout

Table of Contents

Stair Workout Routine

Hey Fitness Enthusiast! Would you like to shake your cardio routine with your sweaty stair workout? Several people want to try no-equipment training, such as a stair workout routine. You might be thinking about why people choose stairs to meet their fitness goals. Stairs are a way to remind you that your fitness could be better.

Using a set of old-fashioned zigzagging steps can be a great way to combine a total body strengthening workout. You can try these fitness workouts at home without any equipment.

Are you ready to spice it up? Keep scrolling to look further about the stair workout routine!

Reasons to Incorporate Stair Workout Routine

Stair Workout Routine

Whether you have a flight of stairs in your home or live near some park or stadium steps, this foolproof stair workout will challenge your whole body plus give you a good dose of cardio.

Here is why you should incorporate stair workout into your regular fitness routine:

An Affordable Booty Lifter
It is one of the most effective and affordable workouts to attain a tight and toned body. Generally, it targets your glutes to strengthen them.
Hit the stairs without going under the knife!
Creates Unstoppable Feelings
Bleacher workouts may make you feel like you are dying, but once you crush the program, you will feel unstoppable.
Endless Options
You can mix any fitness workout with this killing stair workout routine to achieve your fitness goals. It is a safe choice and total body workout without any additional equipment.
Full-body Training Opportunity
Do you think you can perform a full-body workout with bleachers, ramps, and handrails? A stair workout routine enables you to work every inch of your body.
Zero Gym Fee
You can easily access the bleachers, stairs, and ramps open and free of cost in colleges and public places. Double check the policy before you go to any public place.

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Best Stair Workout Routine to Try

Are you new to the staircase game and wondering where to start? You can end your search for a stair workout routine with these simple moves. But before you begin, warm up your body with 5 minutes of squats or jumping jacks.

Here is how you can warm up your body:

  • Walk or run
  • Sprint
  • High knees
  • Hop on one foot
  • Broad jump

Here are simple stair workouts to try:


Stairs Pushups

Stair Workout Routine

You might have tried pushups as it is a full-body strenuous exercise. Typically, it requires upper body strength. You can boost your upper body strength with a stairs workout.

Here is how to perform it:

  • Stand with your face towards the stairs
  • Now assume the pushups position by putting your hands shoulder-width apart
  • You can change the location of the hands as per the steepness of the stairs
  • Maintain a straight line from head to toe
  • Allow your elbows to bend at 45 degrees
  • Now touch the stairs with your chest and return to the starting position

Start slowly and perform 10-sets of pushups!


Bulgarian Split Squats

Stair Workout Routine

It is an outstanding opportunity to challenge your quads and glutes. Bulgarian squats focus on your balance and stability. If you have one leg imbalance, this exercise will uncover it.

Also, it makes your hips more mobile by targeting your quads. Here is how to perform Bulgarian split squats:

  • Start at the bottom of the stairs
  • Lift your left foot onto the second or third stair so it’s at about knee height.
  • Rest your toe on the stair and assume a lunge position. Lower down on your right leg, keeping your torso straight and hips square. Ensure that your knee doesn’t fall over your toe
  • Extend your right leg, then repeat
  • Switch legs after 10–12 reps

Side Squats

Stair Workout Routine

Whether you move in the frontal plane or side to side, it is important for your mobility. So why not take the advantage of stairs in front of you.

To perform:

  • Stand straight with your right side facing the stairs
  • Place your right feet up to the most comfortable step
  • Squat down by putting your weight on the left leg, and stand up
  • Perform 10-steps with each leg

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Mountain Climbers

Stair Workout Routine

The best stair workout routine to get your heart pumping is mountain climbers. It is a great move to burst cardio using your body weight.

Here is how to practice it:

  • Stand straight while facing the stairs
  • Place your hands on the second or third step as per your ease
  • Assume a high plank position
  • Bring your knee upward towards your chest and hold it for 30 seconds
  • Maintain your torso and go as fast as you can
  • Try with the second leg

Don’t forget to rest for a few seconds before starting with the second leg!


Crab Walk

Stair Workout Routine

It is time to have fun with this stair workout routine!

The crab walk focuses on your coordination as you move in a reverse position. You climb stairs on all four in a reverse position.

To perform:

  • Assume a reverse tabletop position with your heels on the first step
  • Begin by walking your feet up the steps, one at a time, then follow with your hands, moving your body upward.
  • Keep your core engaged and your butt off the steps throughout the movement.
  • Crab-walk up for 30 seconds, then slowly and safely lower yourself down to your starting point.

Rest and keep repeating!

Final Thoughts

Here is everything you need to know about the stair workout routine. In general, a stair workout routine is not important but the number of stairs you need is important.

A stair Workout Routine is inherently crucial. Whenever you try this workout, ensure to increase the reps you do. In this way, you will know your progress. Initially, don’t be afraid and hit the stairs slowly.

Keep Climbing!

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