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Swim Classes in Sharjah Majaz: A Guide

Table of Contents

Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or a complete beginner, Sharjah Majaz has a range of swimming classes for all levels of experiences. Read on for an overview of the available swimming classes and get ready to take the plunge!

Available Classes:

  • Group Classes – Tailored to learners of all ages and abilities, group classes offer safe and comfortable environments to get to grips with the basics and become confident, competent swimmers.

  • Private Lessons – Private lessons allow swimmers to receive personalized instruction as they work to achieve their swimming goals.

  • Lessons for Babies and Toddlers – Certified instructors can help babies and toddlers develop their confidence and skills in the water.


  • How much does a swimming class cost?

    • The cost of classes vary from center to center, so please contact the facility for a more accurate cost.

  • Do I need to bring my own swim gear?

    • Yes, you’ll need to bring your own gear such as swimsuit, goggles, and a cap if applicable.

  • Are classes offered at all levels?

    • Yes, there are classes for all levels including complete beginners.

How Can MyFitApe Help?

The MyFitApe Find Local Gym and Fitness Clubs directory can help you find the right swim classes in Sharjah Majaz. With a selection of swimming clubs and classes listed, you can easily compare and find the one that suits your needs and goals. Plus, you can access exclusive pricing, discounts and deals so that you can save on swimming lessons and gear.

Are the swim classes affordable for families of all sizes?

Yes, the swim classes offered by most aquatic centers are very affordable and even offer discounts for families, group classes, and long-term packages. Prices vary depending on the type of class, the duration of the course, and the facilities offered. Be sure to check with your local aquatic center to find out what they offer and if they have any special discounts available.

What swimming technique is taught at the classes in Sharjah Majaz?

The swimming technique taught at the classes in Sharjah Majaz is the internationally recognized Federación Española De Natación (FEN) method, which emphasizes the importance of efficient body position and good stroke mechanics for improved swimming performance. The program also teaches important water safety skills and correct breathing techniques.

What safety measures have been put in place for the swimmers in Sharjah Majaz?

The Sharjah Majaz Swimming Complex has implemented several safety measures to protect swimmers. These measures include regular health and safety checks of the pool and its equipment, lifeguards on duty at all times, and a recorded CCTV system for additional security. Additionally, a special swimwear code has been established for all swimmers using the facility and a compulsory swimming aptitude test must be completed before using the pool. The pool also has special areas for children, lanes for lap swimming, and designated swimming periods for children, to ensure the safety of everyone using the facility.

Are there any special discounts offered for groups of swimmers in Sharjah Majaz?

Yes, Sharjah Majaz offers special discounts for groups of swimmers. Groups of 10 or more can qualify for discounts up to 20% on weekdays, and 25% on weekends. For more information and details, please contact Sharjah Majaz directly.

Is there an age requirement for attending the swim classes?

Yes, the minimum age requirement for in-person swim classes is 6 months. For online classes, the minimum age requirement is 6 months old.

Where can I find swim classes in Sharjah Majaz?

Swim classes in Sharjah Majaz can be accessed from a variety of locations, including:

1. Sharjah Aquatic Centre

2. Sharjah National Sport Club (SNSC)

3. Horizon International School

4. Universal American School

5. Sharjah American International School

6. Al Oula Swimming Academy

7. Oxigen Swimming Academy

8. Dubai British School

9. American University of Sharjah (AUS)

10. GEMS American Academy

In addition, private swimming lessons are available by appointment at Sharjah Majaz.

Where can I find swimming classes for adults in Sharjah Majaz?

Swimming classes for adults can be found at the Sharjah Majaz Sports Center. The center has a 25m swimming pool, qualified coaches and a variety of classes and activities. If you’re looking for a professional swimming coach, you can also find a few independent coaches offering private lessons in and around the Majaz area. Additionally, neighboring fitness centers like The Pulse Fitness Centre and Playpal Playground offer water aerobics classes.

What are the best swimming classes for adults in Sharjah Majaz?

Some of the best swim classes for adults in Sharjah Majaz are:

1. Splash Fitness Centre

2. More Fitness Club

3. Al Majaz Athlete’s Centre

4. Aquaspace Aquatic Training Centre

5. Al Khail Swimming Academy

6. Shaharaya Swim Academy

7. H2O Fitness Centre

8. Al Noor Swim Academy

9. Sunrise Academy Swimming

10. Sharjah International Swimming Academy

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