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Best seller 1 Fitness First – Burjuman

Fitness First – Burjuman

With many chains in Dubai, we will review some of the best Fitness First Gyms in Dubai and evaluate their pricing, facilities, hygiene, equipment to allow you, the customer, make an educated decision whether this gym is one to consider when ...


Best Gyms of 2018

Buying Guide and Advice

One of the hardest choices is selecting a gym that suits you and it’s important to make the right decision, especially if you have a 1-year minimum commitment. Fitness first is a globally recognized gym brand and it also has a popular presence in the UAE. With over 27 branches across the UAE, it makes it one of the most accessible gyms no matter what city you reside in.

The pricing entry point is also accessible relative to the access of facilities and how many branches they have. The more gym branches in Dubai the better, a populated gym means that working out can be a nightmare.

 What is the best Gym?

For 2018, we will have to award the best gym to Fitness First. Their facilities and overall maintenance have been much better relative to other competitor gyms. Their pricing and offers have allowed entry to new customers.

Their packages allow you to use other gyms which can be very convenient when you’re traveling around the UAE. This does, however, depend on the membership you have – worth noting!

If you’re keen to dive right into classes, they have that also. Fitness First offers one of the most thrilling and exhilarating classes ranging from Yoga to an exciting”body attack” class that will push you to your limit.

After a great workout, it helps to have great showers with high pressure. Fitness first offers Suana’s and steam rooms along with jacuzzi and/or swimming pool in certain branches.

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Hygiene & Maintenance

If hygiene is at your top priority list, as it should be. Then you will be glad to know that Fitness First offers great clean facilities for their members, it’s been noted that they have a cleaner actively cleaning each area of the gym during working hours to ensure that their gym stays clean at all times.

Members can use towels, ranging from a medium to large size along with Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash inside the showers. In some of the branches, they provide Gel, Wax and moisturizing cream in a designated area which helps members ready to start there day in a refreshed fashion.

Although they have the odd shower out of service, they redeem themselves in their effort to maintain the overall gym so it’s definitely something that can be overlooked. In fact, Fitness First is perhaps one of the gyms that had the lowest maintenance with regards to showers and weight facilities.


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Where to get the best Gym prices?

If you wish to get a great deal on your membership, then it’s worth speaking to a friend or colleague who already is a member. Fitness First provide referral offers in the mutual benefit of the current customer and potential ones. Additionally, you can visit their website to view some offers they have. One of the interesting offers is a free complimentary pass – which is a recommendation if you’re looking to start a 1-year member. It’s better to ‘dip your toes’ before ‘diving in’ into a long-term contract.

During the Ramadan and certain holidays, Fitness First offers exclusive offers and deals. If however, you’re looking to start your fitness journey earlier then you can also contact the branch directly to find out what current offers they have. Sometimes these are offline and are not necessarily found on the website.

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