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Sara Zmith Personal Training

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Downtown, Dubai, Dubai, UAE,

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Train with Sara

Train with Sara

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I’m a certified personal trainer based in Dubai. I specialize in Fat loss, strength training, HIIT, circuit training, flexibility and proper Nutrition Planning.

After all everyone has their own reasons for working out. Everyone’s abilities and requirements are different, therefore I focus on designing exercise programs tailored to your individual goals, anatomy, current ability, and your tolerance for activity. We follow the rules of Your body. We assess, find weakness, strengthen each piece and effectively build your body the way You want to.

My programs include 1-on-1 Training sessions, a personalized Meal Plan and a General Lifestyle Guide. This will give you lots of helpful Nutrition Tips, help achieve your fitness goals and keep you motivated along the way. The idea is to enjoy not only the end result but the whole journey of living a healthy lifestyle.

There’s a big difference between fitness for results and fitness for fun, and I think having a healthy balance of these two is key for sustained health and progress.
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