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Zig-Zag Exercise – Techniques, Benefits, And Variations

zig-zag exaercise

Table of Contents

Hey! Are you wondering about finding the best agility exercises? People who want to target their cardiovascular system try agility exercises, such as zig-zag exercise. Why do people try zig-zag or agility exercises? Or what are the benefits of agility exercises? Keep reading this article if you have any questions regarding the benefits or techniques of agility exercises.

Zig-zag is a type of agility drill that challenges your cardiovascular system.

Moreover, it targets your:

  • Legs
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Gastrocnemius
  • Soleus

All these quick moments raise your heart rate, challenge your balance and coordination and improve speed and athletic performance. There are several modifications of agility exercises, including:

  • Zig zag drill
  • Jumping zig zags
  • Zig zag run

Let us gain a better understanding of the zig-zag exercise!

Benefits of Zig-Zag Exercise

zig-zag exaercise

There are several ways to perform agility exercises, and all have their benefits. The zig-zag described here includes jumping from cone to cone. But some people jump over cones, some run in a zig pattern around cones, some use quick feet in a zig-zag drill with an agility ladder, and others combine a zig-zag exercise with other movements like a box drill.

Here are some top benefits of zig-zag exercise:

During sports, it is common to move in vertical positions or lateral jumps. However, some competitive sports require more complex moves.

For example, when you run after a football, you move in several directions – backward, forward, sideways, diagonal. How will you outplay your opponent? Practicing the zig-zag exercises enables you to perform better in these games. Agility exercises prepare your body for competition in these workouts.

It is the best workout that boosts your engagement by forcing your body to interact with different equipment. Also, you will interact with your participants and physical surroundings.

For example, playground-style zig-zag exercises include zig-zag with cones, ladders, drills, and ropes. Also, you can lift heavy tires and other equipment-based drills. These exercises have become popular in gyms as they engage your brain. Also, some studies have indicated that these exercises encourage adherence to an exercise program.

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You can add your zig-zag exercise to high-intensity functional training – HIFT. HIFT emphasizes functional multi joints movements. Generally, it focuses on muscular strength and power to jump but cardiovascular endurance to keep the pattern moving from cone to cone.

Moreover, zig-zag exercise and High-intensity functional training improve:

  • Oxygen consumption
  • Decrease body fat
  • Improve bone mineral content
  • Improve cardiovascular endurance
  • Boost sports performance
  • Enhance agility and strength

If you like to build better coordination and movement, try this agility zig-zag exercise. The diagonal movement of this exercise prepares your body to move in a winding direction. It helps in building greater body control as well as increasing the speed and quickness of your body.

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How to do Zig-Zag Exercise?

zig-zag exaercise

Before trying any exercise, it is essential to look at its steps. Seeking guidance helps you to perform better, whether you are new to exercise or returning to exercise after an injury. Also, you can work under the guidance of a professional trainer.

Typically, it is an advanced-level exercise that requires experience with some polymetric exercises. You might be thinking what are polymetric exercises. In general, polymetric exercises are jumping and drills that require you to take both feet up at one time. Similar to polymetric exercises, zig-zag exercises involve both risks and benefits.

Let us try these agility exercises precisely with step-by-step instructions!

Jumping Zig-Zag
The best place to perform this exercise is a gymnasium or large indoor space. It requires 10-12 cones. You will need to set up these cones before starting this exercise.
Place these cones about 3 feet apart from each other in a zig-zag pattern. You may need to adjust the distance between each cone after you run through one zig-zag drill. You want the cones to be close together enough that you can continue a continuous jumping pattern without taking extra steps, but far enough apart that it forces you to challenge your ability.
Zig-Zag Drill
Stand in front of the first cone placed in a zig-zag fashion. Here is how to perform this:
·         Bend your knees to jump forward in a diagonal pattern.
·         Take an upward swing by creating the momentum of your arms.
·         At the second cone, land softly with knees bent to prepare for the next jump.
·         Immediately spring forward and jump diagonally and to the left towards the third cone.
·         Continue to jump in a diagonal pattern from cone to cone until you come to the last cone.
·         Turn around and return to the starting position.

Safety Tips and Techniques for Zig-Zag Exercise

Though it is a moderate impact exercise, it requires safety. You can perform the zig-zag exercise effectively with tips and techniques to do.

Consult Fitness Professional
You might be thinking about why consulting with a fitness professional is necessary. You are not allowed to perform this zig-zag exercise, if you are pregnant or suffering from chronic illness. It is a challenging exercise and can affect your muscle. So, it is crucial talking to a professional before starting this exercise.
Whether you are performing strength exercises or agility, ensure warming up your body. A warm-up before any exercises ensures that your muscles are flexible and mobile.
If you are a beginner at this exercise, start by doing a few plyometric exercises first. These include jumping, push-ups, kicking, running, throwing, and so on. These exercises will help you strengthen your leg muscles and will prepare you.

The Bottom Line

Zig-zag exercise has become famous in the fitness industry. However, it is an advanced workout that needs your practice and attention. Having healthy knees, ankles, and feet is crucial for performing zig-zag exercises.

Never jump on a hard surface as it can severely damage your muscles. You can consider a grassy or sandy surface for practicing these drills. The best space for jumping zig-zag is gymnasiums.

Jump safely to perform the zig-zag exercise!

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