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Maintain Weight Loss – 7 Successful Tips for Weight Loss


Table of Contents

Unfortunately, you have gained the loose weight again. It is not only the case with you; approximately 20% of dieters gain weight after successfully losing weight. It might discourage you from maintaining weight loss. During your weight loss journey, you eat fewer calories but burn more. In the meanwhile, reducing food intake is difficult in the long run. Therefore, people search for tips to maintain weight loss.

You might question why people tend to weight loss. Being overweight causes a range of health issues. Though there are numerous diets available on the market, people look to maintain weight loss tips.

Researchers found that crash diets are not a sustainable solution. So, it is essential to find gradual, permanent, and beneficial tips to shed extra pounds. If you are looking for successful tips to lose weight and retain it, keep reading this article.

Why Lose Weight?

You might be thinking about why people want to lose weight. Here are some top reasons for losing weight:

  • Appearance
  • Confidence
  • Body image
  • Specific condition
  • Fitness
  • Sports competition
  • Fertility

Why People Regain Weight?

Before reading the tips, let us discuss why people regain the weight. One of the primary reasons is unrealistic expectations and feelings of deprivation.

Here are some other reasons for weight gain:

  • Restrictive diet – extreme calorie restriction results in low metabolism and increases the appetite-regulating hormone that causes weight gain.
  • Wrong Mindset – people consider diet a quick fix and take it without thinking about their health.
  • Lack of sustainable habits – people set rules for weight loss without changing their lifestyle. It discourages people and prevents maintaining weight loss.

Tips to Maintain Weight Loss

Here are some achievable tips and steps for losing weight and maintaining it. These include:


One of the best ways to maintain the weight loss is regular exercise. Workout increases your metabolism and burns extra calories. When you are in energy balance, it means you burn the same number of calories that you consume. As a result, your weight is more likely to stay the same.

Usually, people who work out for at least 200 minutes a week after weight loss can easily maintain weight loss. You can increase the level of physical activity to successfully maintain your weight. For example, you can set 30 to 60 minutes for moderate physical activity.

Here are some activities to maintain weight loss:

  • taking the stairs
  • raking leaves
  • walking a dog
  • gardening
  • dancing
  • playing outdoor games
  • parking farther away from a building entrance

Combine the regular workout with lifestyle changes to maintain weight loss!


After successfully weight loss, you might be taking snacks. However, a simple way to maintain your ideal weight is to schedule a meal plan. Your meal plan must contain:

  • 50% vegetables & fruits
  • 25% whole grains
  • 25% proteins

Moreover, you can limit the intake of trans and saturated fats from your diet, which are lethal for heart health. You can add the following nutrient-rich diets to your meal plan:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • fish
  • legumes
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • whole grains, such as brown rice and oatmeal

Before taking these nutrients, you can consult with your healthcare professional about your weight loss program.


Are you drinking sweetened soda, juices, and alcohol? Eliminate these drinks from your meal plan as these are empty calories. These empty calories provide extra calories without nutritional benefits.

If you are taking smoothies instead of a meal, you can take water, unsweet coffee, or tea. Also, you can add fresh lemon or orange to your water for extra calories.

To avoid dehydration and satisfy your hunger you can take calorie-free drinks!


One of the most critical factors in your weight loss and weight maintenance journey is self-monitoring. Well, it is quite easy to monitor your food intake by a:

  • Paper diary
  • Mobile app
  • Websites

You can use mobile apps and websites to keep track of your weight loss journey. It will help you monitor your progress on the weekly basis. Also, you can use a BMI calculator to track your body mass index.

People who keep a record of their weight loss and body changes are more likely to stick weight loss regimen.


Eating too many low calories can result in weight gain. Aside from taking your meal directly from the packet, estimate a serving size. Avoid taking food in a large dish as it will result in eating more food.

Portion control has become the biggest nutrition hack for weight loss, healthy life, and much more. It’s all about understanding your body’s needs and eating according to them. Sometimes, we have a giant portion of food on our plate, and we overeat, which leads to weight gain.

Here are some tips to take control over portion control for weight loss:

  • Use small dinnerware
  • Use your plate as a portion guide
  • Start your meal with a glass of water
  • Ask for a half portion

You can read more about portion control for weight loss here.


Another simple yet effective way to maintain weight loss is to eat mindfully. When eating, be aware of why, when, and what to eat. People who eat mindfully focus on the taste of food and eat slowly to completely digest it.

You can consider the below questions about mindful eating:

  • Healthy ingredients in the food
  • Good value for health and calories
  • Read product label

Also, Read – Mindful Fitness


Last but not least! One of the integral factors in the maintenance of weight loss is the support of loved ones. You can share your progress with your family and social media followers to satisfy yourself.

Some other supportive avenues are:

  • a positive social network
  • group or individual counseling
  • exercise clubs or partners
  • employee-assistance programs at work

Additionally, weight loss and maintaining the weight loss is a gradual and permanent process. In the starting days, you might feel it hard to achieve your weight loss goals. Your consistency and perseverance are essential to maintain weight loss.

The Bottom Line – Maintain Weight Loss

There are numerous changes you can make to your lifestyle and diet plan to maintain weight loss. Through your journey, you will know that lifestyle changes are more critical than eating habits.

Maintain weight loss can be effortless if you simply adopt a new lifestyle, rather than going on and off weight-loss diets.

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