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Personal Trainer Dubai

Book in-home personal training in Dubai and enjoy elite personal training at any location and at any time in Dubai, aimed at helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Book your personal trainer in Dubai for the following services:

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Looking to hire a Personal Trainer Dubai?

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We offer the largest platform for personal trainers in Dubai

Female Personal Trainer Dubai

Wanna start your fitness plan with a female personal trainer in Dubai?  Hiring a Female trainer in Dubai is more and more typical these days. Thinking, is there a female personal trainer near me? Check our marketplace. We have enlisted the best female personal trainers in Dubai. Book your female fitness trainer today and achieve your fitness goals.

Male Personal Trainer Dubai

Book a rated men’s personal trainer from our marketplace. Regardless of whether you require gym training or in-home training, our male personal trainer is ready to help you. You will feel motivated to achieve your fitness goals with your male fitness trainer. Book your male personal trainer now.

How it works -

We have partnered with Dubai’s best personal training companies and personal trainer freelancers to get you the service you deserve.

Share your fitness goals

Fill out a short form to outline your fitness goals and preferences for your personal training sessions. Our platform will automatically filter the best suitable trainers based on your requirements for free!

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Book or join a subscription package of your choice. All bookings and payments are done on our website or App. Plus, you’re insured with our insurance cover.

Check-In & Workout

You simply get your QR code scanned at the vendor and you workout. Give it a try today!


Free 100% consultation with a male or female dubai trainer

Transform your life & Get in the Best shape EVER!

Burn off stubborn body fat, re-ignite your body, tone your body and become the best version of yourself!

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Make the decision to become the best version of yourself!

Now it's your turn to transform your LIFE!

All it takes is a decision, RIGHT NOW to take the first step in getting into your dream shape. Imagine getting a 1-1 trainer from the most talented and experienced trainers in the world, to spend every day focusing on helping your remove stress, burn body fat and get you into a version of yourself that you will be proud of?

We’ll luckily we already have you in mind! Thanks to the elite trainers that are available to train you in Dubai, you can get a laser tailored plan to get into the best shape of your life!

The path to major change starts in small decisions

Imagine a new version for yourself and believe in it

It’s not a coincidence  or luck but a laser focused approach that helps us bring change to peoples lives! We take your fitness goals and convert them into realities through our proven training system, follow up and monitoring during your workout plan.

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Are you busy? Family, Business and Life Generally?

Train Anywhere, Anytime & Any Place

We help the busy people of Dubai – our fitness coaches will come to you at home, at a local gym or any place within the Dubai emirates. It’s effective!

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Muscle target

Build the muscle mass and tone you dream of!

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Weight Reduction

Lose the weight that is weighing you down physically and mentally!


Yes, all trainers can visit you to train you directly.

For your first session, we recommend you arrive 20 minutes before the session begins to allow our personal trainers to have sufficient time to help you fill out the “Assessment and Vision Plan”.

During the length of the first session the trainers will conduct a quick free test and assessment for your fitness goals which include strength, endurance and stamina.

After your first session, you can  arrive at the scheduled time

Your trainer will be in touch with you to have a quick consultation call. You will also receive an email with your booking confirmation and RSVP so that you can add it to your calendar. 

You will need to come in proper workout attire that, bring a bottle of water and also a towel. 

Prior to booking, our main focus is helping you achieve your fitness goals. 

We offer a free quick call consultation before any booking to avail this email us at [email protected] or call +971-5017-5434


Our trainers are goal orientated in ensuring that the goals set out are achievable, factoring in your fitness goals and any medical history.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle or your fitness in Dubai, you can hire a Personal Trainer or a fitness coach.

A Fitness Trainer or a Yoga coach is an expert person having all knowledge regarding health and fitness. Whether it’s about fitness tools or about a balanced diet.

Even though you can work out on your own via YouTube and Facebook, hiring a Personal Trainer is a lot more effective.

Besides telling you how to exercise properly, he/she can also point out where you are making mistakes. Also, they help you take proper nutrition along with exercise. This way, you can achieve your fitness goals faster.

You will be guided by your Personal Trainer in Dubai based on his/her experience. Furthermore, he/she will keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

Dubai gyms offer state-of-the-art fitness equipment. But only your PT can guide you how to use equipment in the right way according to your fitness goals.

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of weight lifting and taking proper meals to develop a strong and fit body. Your Personal Trainer in Dubai can prepare a customized meal plan for you according to your body’s needs. Also he/she will take all macro and micro nutrients into account while preparing a diet plan for you.

Reasons to hire Personal Trainers in Dubai

  • A Personal Trainer keeps you motivated and doesn’t let you quit until you reach your goals.
  • You will get advice from a certified professional.
  • You will reach your fitness goals sooner if you follow your fitness coach’s diet recommendations.
  • If you use gym equipment according to the guidance of your Personal Trainer, you are less likely to suffer an injury.

Fit your individual needs with custom-made PT programs.

Well, online training has its own pros and cons, just as in-person training does.

You can enjoy your privacy in case you choose to pick an online session.

You are much more likely to get better results from your workouts if you go to a gym and hire a Personal Trainer in Dubai.

On the other hand, you can choose a mix mode training from MYFITAPE.  Some sessions of the Personal Trainer can be completed online while others can be completed in-house.

Basically, it depends on your goals. Next, it depends on your availability.

If you want to lose/gain weight sooner or you want to prepare yourself for some event, you should see your Personal Trainer more often. It is advised to visit him/her 3-4 times a week.

On the other hand, if your goal is to develop muscles slowly you can have your visits to your fitness coach 2-3 times a week.

We at MYFITAPE have top rated Personal Trainers of Dubai. Therefore, we advise you to discuss your fitness goals with your chosen Personal Trainer in Dubai and follow his/her instructions regarding the frequency of visits.

Depending on your nature, you may be more interested in working out alone or with a friend.

Well, being part of a group keeps you motivated. Exercising with your friends can also be fun.

At MYFITAPE our Personal Trainers and gym partners in Dubai also offer couple training. In addition, they offer group activities. So you can choose to work out with a partner easily.

Our recommendation is to choose a group. You may also get some group discounts or bonuses

In Dubai, Personal Training costs vary. However, the good news is that personal training in Dubai is affordable for everyone. Dubai has a large number of trainers, which drives down prices. Establish a budget for your personal training and look for services that fit within it.

Fitness coaching should be viewed as an investment in the self, in your health, wellbeing, self-esteem, and personal development.

Prices for personal training in Dubai vary depending on the trainer’s qualifications and experience. New PTs often charge less because they need clients to develop their experience levels.

In the long run, cheaper is not always the best option. It is likely that you will work with the same coach for some time if you are striving for sustainable and successful weight loss. Trainers need to work hard to get you the best results so don’t expect them to work for less. The high-quality service, assistance when necessary, and even diet planning that they provide will cost more, but will give you better results.

More experienced trainers charge more because they have helped more clients.

Finally, comparing personal training at home in Dubai with joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer in the gym, the cost of personal training at home can be much cheaper.

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