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With Fitness First it’s a join one, join them all philosophy. When you join one, you have access to all of their branches in the Middle East and partnered clubs in internationally. Furthermore, this club offers a free parking, a ladies-only option, and is equipped with an ample amount of equipment, facilities and classes in a very large gym.


  • Cardio Theatre
  • Free Weights
  • Loaded Weights
  • Ladies Only
  • Queenax Studio
  • Spin, Swim, Yoga
  • Personal Trainers 


Fitness First offers a range of memberships to help accommodate the client’s needs so you can purchase a membership from as little as 1 day and to as long as 1 week. If their membership plans do not suit your needs, they give you the option to call in and discuss a plan that works best for you.
1 Day AED. 105
1 Month AED. 1199
2 Months AED. 1599
3 Months AED. 1999
4 Months AED. 1719 / AED. 2299
6 Months AED. 2399 / AED. 2999
10 Months AED. 4399
12 Months AED. 4499

Customer Opinions

There is a general consensus that the ambience of the gym is perfect as it’s huge – “it’s not your everyday gym experience, moreover, many customers have praised the quality of equipment and variety of classes available. However, there have been a vast majority of customers who claim that the staff in this branch are unhelpful and that the gym can become very congested. It has also been noted that the Yoga area is small, as is the woman’s powder room and bathrooms. Many customers have additionally complained about the dealings of their membership with staff.  

The Bottom Line

Mirdif City Centre Fitness First provides quality equipment, good classes, and good facilities. It is also ideal if you drive, as the mall has free parking. Because of its large interior, you can get a lot done if you are looking to work on all parts of your body. But, if you prefer working out in an area that is empty, or enjoys yoga, this may not be the gym for you; this is because it is busy throughout all hours of the day, and has a limited area for yoga. Additionally, although there is a ladies-only option available, this may not be the best branch if you are looking for an easy-going experience. This is because the location and size of this option. Because of this, we advise clients who are starting out to perhaps consider other options, but advise experienced gym-members to go ahead and check this one out. If you are globe-trotter and travel often, we further recommend Fitness First as a valuable option as you’ll be able to train in any city, any country, any branch.

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  • August 21, 2020

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars
    Staff Friendliness: 4
    Hygiene: 4
    Location: 4
    Facilities: 4

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