Skipping Breakfast? 5 Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast

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You might have skipped your breakfast several times due to several factors. But have you ever thought about why you may not want to skip breakfast? Or why has skipping breakfast become a hot debate topic in the health department? There are lots of questions related to breakfast and its importance. Some people consider breakfasting part and parcel of their lives, while others skip it.

Why is breakfast crucial? Breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day-long activities. Moreover, it gives you energy, helps you burn calories, and boosts your focus on work.

Though there is limited research on the benefits of breakfast, it is essential for a healthy lifestyle. People who don’t skip breakfast tend to have healthier habits. Here is what you need to know about breakfast and its benefits.

Why People Skip Breakfast?

You might be thinking about why skipping breakfast is common among people. Though people know the harmful effects of skipping breakfast, they avoid it.

Here are some primary reasons for skipping breakfast:

  • Not feeling hungry in the morning
  • Have no time
  • Don’t want to eat in the early morning
  • Willing to lose weight

And Much More!

Regardless of their reasoning, skipping breakfast works for some people, while for others it is not quite so successful.

Benefits of Breakfast

Despite offering health benefits, breakfast boosts energy and helps you combat daily activities. Some people enjoy a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, some scrambled eggs, and others enjoy a cup of joy. Sparing time to enjoy a meal rather than rushing out the door is a great way to start the day.

Research about the breakfast pattern, body weight, diet quality, and nutrient intake indicates that taking breakfast imparts healthier habits while skipping breakfast counterparts.

Here are a few benefits of taking a healthy breakfast:


Curb Carvings

One of the best benefits of breakfast is that it increases fullness throughout the day and reduces cravings. You need to make healthier food choices and consume appropriate protein sizes.

Not only that, sticking to a regular meal pattern, including breakfast, with a shorter duration between meals helps prevent overeating, reduce stress, and improve circadian rhythm.

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Keeps you Satiated

You might be thinking about why skipping breakfast has become the most discussed topic. Hunger is a real pain when you try to focus on your work. Therefore, eating a nutrient-dense breakfast packed with proteins and fibers is essential. It suppresses your hunger pangs and gives you the energy to tackle the day. Also, it takes the body longer to digest protein and fiber allowing you to feel full for a longer period.


Maintain Glucose Level

Have you ever taken a whole-grain breakfast to boost your energy levels? One of the excellent ways to level up energy and prevent diabetes is to take whole grains for breakfast. Additionally, it will boost your metabolic wellness.

A research study about skipping breakfast found that it increases the glycemic response that results in weight gain. Also, it affects the energy metabolism and diurnal rhythms of blood glucose levels in the body. Skipping breakfast impacts the body mass index – BMI.


Boost Exercise Performance:

You might have encountered people exercising in the morning to lose weight. However, the fat loss benefits of skipping breakfast are useless. Some drawbacks of skipping breakfast are dehydration, muscle loss, reduced strength, and increased risk of injury.

On the other hand, eating a nutrition-rich breakfast with carbs, protein, and fibers boosts your energy. Getting proper fuel before an exercise session boosts your exercise performance.


Provide Important Nutrition

Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to get in your daily recommended intake of essential vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, fiber, and healthy fats. If you skip breakfast you’re losing a chance to meet your nutrient needs.

Skipping breakfast can lead to vitamin D, calcium, and other nutrient deficiency.

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5 Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast


You might have heard that people consider breakfasting the most important and delicious meal of the day. Here are some harmful effects of skipping breakfast that will indicate its significance.


Leads to Weight Gain

If you have been adding a few extra pounds lately and have no explainable reason for this? It could be because you are probably skipping your breakfast regularly. Not eating breakfast can lead to weight gain. It is because your body is already starving all through the night, and when you continue to avoid food in the morning, the body starts to crave sugary and fatty foods. Also, when hunger strikes, eat you find without taking note of the number of calories you are consuming. It may eventually lead to weight gain. Many studies have linked obesity to skipping breakfast. 


Can cause migraine

Skipping breakfast leads to a low sugar level in the morning. It happens due to the long fasting during the night. When you don’t take breakfast, it leads to the secretion of hormones that compensate for low sugar levels. This process of hypoglycemia leads to high blood pressure which turns into headaches and migraine.


Slows the Metabolism

Skipping breakfast slows down the body functions to preserve fuel for daily activities. Additionally, it reduces the body’s capacity to burn calories. However, a heavy meal in the morning boosts the body’s metabolism, which helps burn fats and reduce weight.


Trigger Hair Loss

One of the major harmful effects of skipping breakfast is that it triggers weight loss. Consuming a meal that contains critically low levels of protein can hurt the keratin levels in the body. Keratin is a critical component that triggers hair loss and stops hair growth. 


Increase the Risk of Cancer

When you skip breakfast, you may likely overindulge in food throughout the day. It, in turn, increases the risk of obesity. According to research conducted by Cancer Research UK, it was found that people who are obese are at high risk of developing cancer.

Skipping Breakfast – The Bottom Line

Whether you are skipping breakfast or not, it is crucial to evaluate its benefits and harmful effects. Skipping breakfast affects each person differently. Some experience weight gain, while others have headaches and hair loss. Aside from this, someone is happy and healthy by skipping breakfast.

You can consult a healthcare professional or dietitian to determine whether skipping breakfast is right for you or not.

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