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8 Best Ways to Move During the Workday – Live Better

Table of Contents


Do you spend most of your waking hours in front of a computer table? Similar to most people, you may struggle to fit everything else into your free time. However, at the end of the working day, there is little time and energy to get active. Research shows that the average person gets a little over 5,000 steps per day, with some reports indicating the average to be as low as 3,000. Therefore, people look to move during the workday to accomplish their fitness goals.

To achieve good health, experts recommend walking 30 minutes and day or 150 minutes per week. For a sedentary job holder, it will be daunting to move during the workday. Long time sitting increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Though inactivity has become that 4th major health risk, you can combat it with a few effective ways.

Benefits of Movement

You might be familiar with the non-exercise activity thermogenesis – NEAT. It includes all types of non-planned and unintentional exercises, such as:

  • Walking
  • Fidgeting

And Much More!

NEAT is beneficial to keep your energy intake and output balanced. It is vital for a healthy weight and BMI. In general, NEAT is responsible for 6-10% of energy expenditure in sedentary individuals. So, how can you ignore the vital component of your energy balance?

You may hit the gym to meet your fitness goals, but these moves are not enough to keep you healthy. Your sedentary job can result in weight gain and obesity. Weight gain and a sedentary job can increase the risk of several health issues. However, you can lower the risk of health issues by walking 30 minutes per day.

Regular movements throughout the day can help you mitigate anxiety and depression!

Ways to Move During the Workday


You might be considering these movements time-consuming. However, the non-exercise activity thermogenesis doesn’t too much time. You can keep yourself healthy with the below NEAT and planned activities throughout the day.


Take Movement Breaks

One of the highly effective and simple methods to move during the workday is to set time for breaks. Before working, choose the time for working and time for a movement break. For example, you can take a break of 15 minutes after 1 hour of work.

During the break:

  • Get up to move around
  • Perform little stretches
  • Go for a walk around the office

It will help you combat the adverse effects of sitting for a long time, such as stiffness, pain, and muscular imbalance. Additionally, it will help you increase your energy expenditure. Some benefits of a 3-minute move during the workday include:

  • Improved fasting glucose
  • Stable blood pressure
  • Reduced cholesterol level

Be ready to gain all these benefits of break movement during work!


Pace the Room

No doubt, we receive calls during work time. Whenever there is a call, be sure to leave the room instead of staying in your seat. Pacing will help you increase your activity level and creativity.

It will be a win-win for your health and your employer!


Hold Mobile Meeting


Do you have to cover sensitive information for an upcoming meeting? It is the best way to get moving during the workday. You can utilize your lunch break time by moving outside the office. While it might seem more productive to eat at your desk as you work, a walking lunch will give you a burst of energy that’ll help you power through the rest of the work day.

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Set Up a Movement Workstation

You can increase your movement during the workday by setting up a standing or walking workstation. Depending on the stride length and speed, you can walk for about 1 hour and 40 minutes or 2 hours.

One of the most manageable alternatives will be choosing a sitting and walking workout. Also, it will be beneficial if walking is challenging for you. Though standing doesn’t contribute much to your calories burned, it will add up. Moreover, it will reduce the risk of diseases and mortality.


Use Your Lunch Hours Wisely

Do you find extra time at lunch? Be sure to utilize this time for an outdoor walk. Walking after a meal helps you balance your blood pressure and sugar levels.

Go out and get your coffee, tea, or smoothie instead of letting someone else pick one up for you. Even better, you could make it a challenge to try a new place each day for a week, instead of always going for the closest option. Taking a stroll with some colleagues is a quick and easy way to relax, socialize and get in some more physical activity.

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Wear Comfortable Clothes & Shoes


You might be thinking that how wearing comfortable clothes & shoes will help you move during the workday. It makes perfect sense that you can not take stairs with high heels and a stiff suit. You can choose comfortable formal clothes that help you walk freely in the office.

Invest in a great pair of flats, or choose a chunkier heel that is easier to walk. For clothes, you can choose a breathable and moveable fabric.


Do Desk Exercise

One of the best ways to move during the workday is to perform desk exercises. There are several ways to practice desk exercises during the working hours, such as the peddler desk. It will keep you moving and burn calories throughout the day.

Some research studies indicate that these desk exercises are beneficial for overweight officers. It helps them burn extra calories without discomfort.

You can also keep resistance bands and dumbbells nearby to grab when you are on calls, listening to meetings from your desk, or during one of your breaks.


Create Opportunities to Walk

You can build your working day creatively. If you have a memo to send to your co-worker, walk it over instead of email or messaging.

Moreover, if you have a water bottle with you, fill it as soon as it is empty. It will help you hydrate throughout the day. In the parking area, park your vehicle away to walk a few more steps.

During the lunch break, walk to bring your lunch instead of waiting for another to bring it.

The Bottom Line

A lack of movement in the day can increase soreness and lead to weight gain. Although it can feel challenging to combat a sedentary job, you can surge your activity during the day with some simple shifts.

Also, don’t try to do it all at once. Add one or two new habits at a time and build on them. Your body and mind will thank you. And, you might inspire others at work to follow suit.

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